Nursing Students

Fully Underwritten plan

Coverage is available on a fully underwritten basis and is based on your income and any group benefits with your current employer.

Optional riders include:

  • True Own-Occupation with Specialty Language
  • Partial Disability Benefit rider along with a Recovery Benefit to match your chosen benefit period (to age 65, 67, 70 or Lifetime) 
  • Cost of Living Adjustment Rider
  • Enhanced Catastrophic Disability Benefit Rider
  • Retirement Protection Plus Disability Rider

Conversion Privilege plan

(Dependent upon known medical history or underwriting outcome)

As a public health student, one has the ability to obtain up to $1,000 per month of Guardian Group Trust coverage, upon graduation.

Individual disability insurance coverage with Guardian is on a Guaranteed Standard Issue basis:

  • No medical underwriting required
  • True Own-Occupation with Specialty Language
  • Benefit period to Social Security Normal Retirement Age

Optional benefits (with added premium) include:

  • Partial Disability Benefit Rider

More choices to meet your needs:

  • Up to $1,000,000 of life insurance with simplified underwriting


Contact your University Endorsed Agent:

Dale Forsythe, Disability Specialist