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From Learning, to Living, to Retirement

Financial Services

As a medical professional your financial situation is unique. Upon completion of your training, you may have more financial questions than answers.

Have you started asking yourself:

  • Is now the right time to work with a financial professional?
  • Should I pay off my student loans first or start investing?
  • How much should I have in my “emergency fund”?
  • If I purchase a home, what is the best way to finance it?
  • Do I need life insurance?  If so, how much and what type is the best for me?
  • How do I start planning for retirement? What are my options?
  • What is the best way to save for my child’s education?
  • How solid is my employee benefits package?

From Learning, to Living, to Retirement

The Foster Kilma Medical Professional Specialists have a keen perspective of the uncommon challenges you will face today, tomorrow, and throughout your career. Your income is a multi-million dollar asset. Assuming only 3% annual increases, today's 30-year-old earning $75,000 a year will earn $4.5 million by age 65. What if you become too sick or hurt to work?

In addition to offering the highest quality disability coverage, we are equipped with a full suite of financial planning tools.

What we can offer you:

  • Debt Elimination Strategies
  • Student Loan Planning*
  • Retirement Planning
  • Life Insurance & Disability Income Planning
  • College Savings Strategies
  • Mutual Funds & Money Management
  • Employer Contract Benefit Reviews

Expand your view of your financial world. Contact your Foster Klima Medical Professional Specialists to Protect, Save and Grow your financial wealth.

*Neither Guardian nor its subsidiaries offer student loans.