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Academic Health Center Students

Why would I even need Disability Insurance?

Built-in Benefit

While you’re an Academic Health Center student at the University of Minnesota, you have group long-term disability coverage through The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian).

Individual Coverage: Guaranteed

In addition, you have the opportunity to convert the group LTD coverage to an individual disability income policy through a University-sponsored plan. The offer is issued on a Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) basis. The GSI offer is a one-of-a-kind opportunity - you won’t find it at another university in the nation.

Highlights of the Opportunity Include:

  • Definition of Total Disability:  Enhanced Medical True Own-Occupation Definition
  • Tax-free monthly disability benefits when paid with after-tax dollars
  • No medical underwriting- coverage is Guaranteed Standard Issue
  • Several important optional benefits to customize your coverage
  • 10% permanent discount1

You may apply for the GSI Conversion 60 days prior to graduation, and up through 60 days after your group coverage ends.

Your group coverage will end the last day of the month in which you graduate.

1 10% discount applies as there is a 24 month mental nervous and/or substance-related disorders limitation on the policy